Nick Mustang


I have been playing music in the city I love since the winter of 2005.  Modern rock is where my roots are, however, I do like many different genres of music as evinced by the Tryst set list.  I live in Greece with my beautiful wife and my ugly dog who can sometimes be seen starring in Tryst promo videos.  I have a masters degree from SUNY Brockport in public safety administration, and people are often surprised to encounter me working my day job as a fire lieutenant.  Outside of the band I enjoy family, friends, snowmobiling, jet skiing, golf, softball, concerts, a fine cigar, fast cars, and Bud Light!  You though you were going to get a smart ass bio didn’t you?

Brendan Millward


I am a South African born, New Zealand citizen living in the good old USA. I am a fan of the simple pleasures in life like coffee, keyboard shortcuts, and taxidermy. When not playing in Tryst you will probably find me playing practical jokes on my co-workers or banging out indie rock tunes with my original band Lounge Lizard. If I could give you one piece of valuable advice it would be to never Google yourself.

Tom Scheil


I love popcorn, cotton candy and the smell of cabbage.
I have longed to be a trapeze artist but lack opposable thumbs.
I take solace in knowing that guessing peoples' weight will some day bring me the fame and fortune that I have so desired.
But until then, you will find me playing with four other musical clowns in the three ring circus known as TRYST!!!!

Scott Fisler

Keyboards and Guitar

Hi I’m the keyboard player. Well not exactly...
As a long time member of the Rochester music scene, I’ve had the privilege of being in a bunch of fun and amazing bands.  I most often played the role of lead singer, or co-lead singer as I’ve shared the stage with some incredible female vocalists.  And of course my trusty keyboards were with me at every step along the way.  I love playing keys and piano was my first instrument as a child.  Last but not least I play guitar, which is also a blast and dates back to my high school jazz band days.
Today I use all of that experience to add to the Tryst magic as much as possible.  Using everything I have to make the songs more polished and professional.  Whether it’s a scorching synth solo, a subtle harmony part, or backing guitar lick, you will clearly see me grinning and enjoying it all.

Mario Encina


Let's see, what can I tell you that you don't already know....I like romantic dinners, long walks on a beach, and petting goats. Ok ok, I'll save that for my Tinder profile. For now, all you need to know is that I am the drummer for this fabulous debacle we call Tryst! So, a little background info…...I grew up in a very musical family, mostly listening to British progressive 70’s rock. I started playing drums in early grammar school. Once I heard Rush's Moving Pictures album as a kid, my fate was sealed! Yes, I was going be a rock star! Well, today I’m very close to graduating as an RN, so that should give you an idea of how my ever-elusive dream to play music for a living went. But hey, I’m still living the dream, playing with a great group of guys, for an incredible group of fans. On a side note, I met Tom, our bass player in high school, yikes, and have been playing with him ever since!

TRYST would like to acknowledge Rick Wetzel our stage coordinator,
Scott Nobes our lighting designer from SOL Productions,
Al Cenzi our guest guitarist,
and Glen Johnson our guest bagpiper.